Our services offer exposure to over 25 years
of successful business leadership
through face to face advice

We are actively committed to our clients to empower them to optimise their business and progress to the next stage of their development.

Our areas of focus are listed below.
This is where we believe we can add meaningful and lasting value.

Instilling a Culture of Accountability and Ownership

Owning the Result

Accountability within a business is crucial to success. Senior management need to have true ownership over the financial performance of their area and be empowered to make decisions that they are accountable to the business for. P.A.C. Growth Advisory helps companies define key KPIs and team structures which instil a culture of accountability and ownership to help drive a strong performance and clear lines of communication across the business.

Profit Preservation and Maximisation

Keeping Profit in Perspective

When operating a business it is easy to become obsessed by generating front end revenue and capturing market share. However, as sales increase, it is vital that this is not at the expense of profit and that you don’t scale up too quickly. Preserving margins and maintaining control of overheads is crucial to future proofing the long term prospects of your company. We can help you identify the tools and levers to maximise the profit opportunity.

Advising on the Long-Term Growth Strategy

Empowering Evolution

With our extensive experience of being at the helm of multiples businesses and leading and completing numerous acquisitions, we have a breadth of knowledge in structuring and negotiating deals with multiple stakeholders, reviewing business strategy through a financial and analytical lens and advising business leaders to pursue their future growth ambitions. We are passionate about seeing businesses succeed and win.

Advising on Operational and Financial Performance

Strengthening the Current Position to unlock Future Success

Through exploring the business model and financial performance with business leaders and senior management teams, we will help the company to identify areas which
need strengthening. If you have a resilient business which is performing well, this allows you to focus on the long term avenues for growth. We
believe weaknesses are

Driving Metrically Focussed Decision Making

Future proofing your business for profitable growth

In most businesses, there are numerous data reports but do they facilitate efficient decision making by giving you an accurate reflection of performance in a simplified and impactful way? We can help format and streamline your data reports so that there is “one version” of the truth which make it easy to digest
impactful information to facilitate speedy and informed decision

Negotiating and Structuring Commercial Deals

Getting the Best Deal for You

We have a wealth of experience on corporate transactions and we can help advise and negotiate the best deal for you and your business. If you are from an entrepreneurial background and lack experience dealing with private equity and/or other corporate financing firms, we can assist you to understand and structure transactions to ensure you get the best outcome for you, whether that be a management buyout or a sale of your business.

Advising on Mergers & Acquisitions

Ensuring Real Value is Achieved

Advising on and assisting in the negotiation of mergers and acquisitions is the “sweet spot” in terms of P.A.C. Growth Advisory’s expertise. When acquiring a business, we can help ensure that real value is achieved and that the target is the right strategic fit for your business.


Getting the Best Deal for You

Peter Cowgill currently sits on a number of Executive Boards for both private and listed companies,
offering guidance to C-Suite Management.
He is open to accepting Board positions but will only do so if he can add value to your company.