We are here to support companies in their
strategic development and growth, creating
impactful and sustainable outcomes which
transform the future of the business

We only accept assignments
where we can optimise value.

Founded by experienced businessman Peter Cowgill, P.A.C. Growth Advisory offers specialist and strategic advice to businesses, both public and private, to enable them to fulfil their growth ambitions.
We want your company to evolve, whether that be by organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, or change in strategic direction. We aid business leaders and management teams to develop the strength of their operations through instilling a culture of increased accountability and data driven decision making.
Our expertise is focussed on companies with a turnover of £100 million or more and, although we are UK based, we have a global network and accept international assignments.

How we can help your business

We pride ourselves on our expertise in the following matters:

Profit Preservation & Maximisation

Assisting on profit preservation and maximisation.


Developing a Market Leading Strategy

Driving a culture of ownership, accountability and data driven decision making.



Adding Peter’s invaluable expertise to your board.


& Acquisitions

Advising on business strategy and growth plans, whether that be organically, through mergers and acquisitions, or Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).


Driving Metrically Focussed Decision Making

Streamlining internal data and financial reporting to facilitate efficient decision making.


Advising on International Expansion

Helping to negotiate and structure commercial deals with third parties, ranging from management buy – outs, business divestment and management exits.


P.A.C. Growth Advisory was set up with the principal objective to support businesses in their operational and financial progression via committed involvement.

We are an entrepreneurial, straight talking advisory service which only accepts assignments where we feel we can add meaningful value.

Peter Cowgill

Peter Cowgill

Founder and Managing Partner

Jennifer Iveson

Jennifer Iveson


Tim Hunt

Tim Hunt

Financial Analyst


Are you ready to develop your business?

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